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Learn How to Best Manage Surveillance & Investigative Needs in the 21st Century

If you work for an insurance carrier and are part of their Special Investigation Unit.  If you are a claims professional who deals with fraud and malingering in your “daily” caseload.  If you manage a team of claims examiners and would like to help educate them on the latest and greatest investigative tools, this FREE, SELF-PACED online bootcamp will arm you with everything you need to stay ahead of today’s fraudsters. The bootcamp covers the latest technologies and best practices within the claims investigation & fraud management industries.



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What’s Inside

Browse Modules – The Bootcamp is divided into six modules, each with a set of courses. There is no right module to start with. Browse the modules, select the ones that interest you, and learn at your own pace.

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FREE GIVEAWAY! Upon completion of all modules, we will email you a link of highly valuable websites that will significantly improve information-gathering for surveillance and investigations tasks. These links are not publicly available and we source them from the “deep web.” A must-have resource for SIU and Claims Management professionals.


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Module 1

Social Media Investigative Strategies

Prior to the internet, claims professionals relied on court records, print books, periodicals, magazines and other references to retrieve even the slightest nugget of information.  Today, the internet is the super-highway of information with over 78.6% of the US population utilizing it with frequency.  Over 500 Million people utilize Facebook and half of them (250M) log into their accounts every day.  In addition, some 73% of all online adults now utilize a social networking site of some sort.  In this Module, we will attempt to make sense of one of the most confusing, time-consuming, frustrating and underutilized tools…, the Social Media Investigation.  We will discuss methods, strategies, and techniques to help claims professionals unlock the goldmine of information lying underneath their fingertips.  Although a broad topic, we will concentrate our discussion on database searches and social media investigations.


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Module 2

Predictive Modeling Information

Data Analytics are clearly making headway.  Imagine if you had the ability to predict what type of person is most likely to commit fraud and/or exaggeration with regard to Workers’ Compensation, Disability, or other bodily injury claims?  This data would be instrumental in helping your examiners and/or SIU determine “who” they should be spending valuable time (and resources) investigating.  This Module will provide exclusive and reliable statistical data illustrating subjects whom have been found to be working elsewhere, or performing physical activities outside of their restrictions and/or limitations.  This Module will provide claims professionals with a “Predictive Model” on what sort of person is most likely to commit fraud or exaggeration.  Of course, there are numerous indicators that can assist in detection, but here are a few examples: typical age, sex, marital status, residence type, geographical layout of property, family arrangement data, professions or fields of employment, social media engagement, etc.  The commonalities found in this data will suggest and provide a “Model” of the most common perpetrators.  This “Model” will then provide members of, with a preemptive opportunity to identify both subjects and scenarios which typically evolve into larger problems down the road.  Sophisticated “indicators” known ahead of time, can be a very powerful tool when vetting widely-divergent subjects.



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Module 3

Keeping Up With Surveillance Technologies

Technology has been an unbelievable force in our daily lives, especially over the past 5 years.  Technology possesses however, Yin and Yang (contrary interconnected forces).  It can greatly help a business or it can greatly hurt a business if you are not adjusting to it quickly enough.  Technology must be respected because it can have impact, virtually overnight.  A major pain-point felt by members of the SIU community, is having to report to the claims examiner (your client) that the surveillance vendor has come up with zero results, meaning NO videotaped evidence.  If this happens time and time again, it reflects unfavorably upon the SIU and often creates an uncomfortable situation between claims and special investigations.  New investigative technologies can help ease and sometimes eliminate this particular pain-point and several others.  It is my mission to provide claims professionals & SIU’s with an assortment of tools to better manager their responsibilities.  Tools that give an advantage and expose the truth.  This Module focuses on what is new, what is working, what technologies are being looked into, and which are being eliminated.



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Module 4

Leveraging Technology for Better Claims IMPACT

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Module 5

Grow Your SIU (Through Outsourcing)

Many carriers utilize their internal SIU personnel to conduct a multitude of investigative tasks including physical surveillance, spot checks, alive & well checks, social media investigations, background investigations, issuing subpoenas, locating medical records, setting-up cases, running license plates, AOE/COE’s, etc.  In this Module, we will examine both the benefits and the drawbacks (from a SIU management perspective) in conducting these in-house tasks internally, versus outsourcing them to outside vendors.



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Module 6

Staying Ahead Of The Red Flags

If you’ve been involved in insurance claims for any length of time, I can guarantee you have been exposed to a plethora of “RED FLAG” documents.  The intent of a “RED FLAG’S” document is to assist the reader in preemptively identifying potentially fraudulent bodily-injury claims.  If you have ever Googled the phrase “red flags in insurance claims” you will see pages upon pages of content.  Much of this content is outdated and/or based on an author’s opinion…, not fact.  This lack of organic basis creates a real dilemma for the reader.  How does one sift through volumes of content and decide which list is most beneficial?  With this, I set out to create a fluctuating (evolving) manageable resource that keeps SIU’s and claims professionals on top of the current “RED FLAGS”.  This required doing something different.  I needed to provide the reader with more “fact-based” indicators rather than “opinion-based” indicators and the process was relatively simple.  All that I needed to do was to identify those investigations which ended in favorable videotape (subjects engaging in activities outside of their restrictions) and work the case backwards by noting the subtle details.  Surveillance referrals typically include the reason(s) why SIU or the claims examiner chose to refer the assignment.  When commonalities clustered, they were noted and documented resulting in an evolving resource and this Module is that resource.




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Module 7

Free Giveaways!

Upon completion of all modules, we will email you a link of highly valuable websites that will drastically simplify information-gathering for surveillance and investigations tasks. These links are not publicly available and we source them from the “deep web.” A must-have resource for SIU and Claims Management professionals.




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Course Director


Mr.Michael Caldarazzo is Senior Vice President of PhotoFax,Inc. Mr. Caldarazzo has been involved in surveillance investigations for over 25 years. He has personally worked over 2,500 surveillance cases across the United States.

A leading expert in Fraud Management technologies and Surveillance & Investigation education, he is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker that can educate you on best practices for surveillance & investigation.