Providing evidence against frivolous disability claims can be challenging.  Many claims of disability cannot be objectively verified by medical professionals and have unprovable symptoms, such as chronic pain or fibromyalgia.  As such, questionable DI claims need to be approached with rigorous scrutiny. 

To work with disability insurers, one needs to have sound interpretation of how the condition (injury) relates to the restrictions.  Through evaluating the facts and an in-depth understanding of how disability policies work, we assist our DI clients in constructing their best defense.  Ethical procurement of evidence in all modes (written, verbal & videotape) is paramount when working with DI carriers in settling disputes with their policyholders.  We take decisive steps to avoid bad faith accusations, while at the same time identifying policyholder misconduct. 

By approaching these investigations differently, we reduce incidents of fraud, which strengthens our clients ability to meet the obligations of their honest policyholders.

mikecaldarazzo.com understands and contributes to both verticals (disability insurance & workers compensation). This site was designed to address both of our concerns…, as we are all members of the investigative/claims communities. .