CFE credential is helping my clients!

Becoming a certified fraud examiner (CFE) has helped me become a much better investigator than I had ever imagined. I catch myself seeing & knowing so much more than my sophomore counterparts. As I move throughout the day, clues that were once hidden are now jumping out. I catch myself understanding what the fraudster is trying to accomplish, as he is trying to accomplish it. I contribute this to the training and education it took to earn the CFE distinction. This certification has made me an expert in my field and I am thankful to my employer (PhotoFax) for supporting me and allowing me the time necessary to complete all the courses.

This process is now bearing fruit. It is impacting the way I structure investigations and advise my clients. Together, we are able to respond and outflank these fraudsters accordingly. Together, we are able to work proactively vs. reactively… and my clients KNOW IT.

There is nothing more fulfilling than using what I have learned… to help my clients advance their goals & objectives. When my clients are successful, or when a Special Investigation Unit is successful, I am successful.


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