“I was searching through the internet and came across mikecaldarazzo.com.  Although it is somewhat of a new site, I have already found it to be beneficial.  Mikecaldarazzo.com led me to the technology of remote surveillance which I did not know existed.  This then led me his employer PhotoFax, Inc. who was able to accommodate 3 of my requests for unmanned surveillance.   Prior to this, I thought remote surveillance was a cheap, stationary camera.  Evidently I was incorrect.  I am looking forward to the BLOG section of this website for solid, educational content.”

Michael Haw, Corporate Claims Consultant

“When you know how to use it…, surveillance is one of the most effective tools in managing WC fraud & negotiating settlements.  Mikecaldarazzo.com provides me with updated trends, schemes, and information.  When it’s time to pull the trigger on an actual investigation, I call the best which is PhotoFax, Inc. the company Mike works for.  Clearly a great combination of resources.”

David C, Director of Safety

“The exclusive use of PhotoFax, Inc. & mikecaldarazzo.com helped me to attain a significant reduction in our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) from (1.1) to an unbelievable (.54).”

Matt McKeon, Director of Safety

“When I hear a case with widely divergent doctors’ opinions, I must consider all of the evidence put before me.  Surveillance is one of those aspects I have to consider when rendering my opinion.”

Michael Blackmur, Former Arbitrator

“Video doesn’t lie…, and with PhotoFax, I can positively confirm what physical limitations my claimants DO and DO NOT have.  Thank you mikecaldarazzo.com!”

Linda McCarthy, Sr. Claim Rep

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