About Mike Caldarazzo

Mr. Mike Caldarazzo serves as Executive Director of PhotoFax, Inc.  He is an investigator and insurance claims strategist.  Mike has been involved in surveillance and claims investigations for over 28 years.  He has personally worked over 2500 surveillance cases across the United States.  Mr. Caldarazzo is a graduate of Northern Illinois University located in DeKalb Illinois.  He earned his degree in Public Law with a minor in Criminology.

Mr. Caldarazzo resides in Naperville, Illinois with his wife and 4 children.  Mike’s practical experience and intimate industry knowledge in both conventional and Remote Surveillance strategies helps direct the growth and success of PhotoFax, Inc..

About PhotoFax, Inc.

PhotoFax, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in video surveillance and investigative services. Their highly reliable solutions create a formidable first line of defense in Liability, Workers‘ Compensation, Long Term Disability, and Long Term Care claims.

PhotoFax, Inc. provides a complete line of investigative services that save clients tens of MILLIONS of dollars each year. Clients retain PhotoFax to assist them in determining the actual physical disability of their claimants. By videotaping subjects in their natural environment, clients are able to observe the physical movements and natural behavior patterns that occur when a subject feels that no one is watching. PhotoFax, Inc. provides an unbiased medium for claims professionals to make important fiscal decisions in terms of actual disability.